Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advil® Congestion Relief - My Review

*I received a free full size sample of the product Advil Congestion Relief from for the purpose of sharing my experience with the product. This is my own opinion.*

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I was so excited the other day when I got a small package in the mail. I love packages.
It was a free full size sample of Advil Congestion Relief, compliments of
And it arrived just in time. I have had a sinus headache like you wouldn't believe. 

What I really like about this product is that it is a non-drowsy formula and it relieves the congestion and for me that relieves the sinus pressure. I was surprisingly pleased with how well this product worked. I had relief from the headache and sinus pressure by the 2nd day of use.
Now, I've not had a cold, just sinus issues (stuffiness, sinus congestion, sinus pressure and headache) and this worked well for me. The directions say you can take it every 4 hours as needed but I took 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill in the evening.

Though mucus can contribute to the stuffed up feeling, nasal congestion is often the swelling of the tissues in the nose and the sinuses caused by inflammation. Advil® Congestion Relief combines the power of Advil® with a proven decongestant that reduces swelling due to nasal inflammation.
Advil® Congestion Relief also treats the pain associated with the common cold. The philosophy behind Advil Congestion Relief is that cold-sufferers who treat only pain associated with the common old or nasal congestion, really only address half of the problem. Both pain and congestion are major symptoms of colds so it just makes sense to treat them both…with the power of one pill. Breathe Easier with Advil® Congestion Relief.  

My verdict - I like this product, I saw positive results and I would buy this product and recommend it to my family and friends.

*I received a free full size sample of the product Advil Congestion Relief from for the purpose of sharing my experience with the product. This is my own opinion.*


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