Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY Make-up & Brush Holder #2

DIY Make-up & Brush Holder from a yogurt cup

Back in February, I showed you how I made 
Today I'm sharing another make-up brush holder 
that I made from an empty yogurt cup.

I was starting to outgrow my first one and 
I needed to organize things a bit on the bathroom counter.

DIY Make-up & Brush Holder #2

So, I tried this yummy new yogurt and the container 
was the size I needed for all of my eye make-up brushes and pencils.

empty yogurt cup

I just picked out a pretty piece of scrapbook paper
and cut it to the size I needed and used modge podge to glue
the paper to the container. Easy peasy rockin breezy!

Sorry, I got carried away with the fun I was
having and forgot to take photo's of the process.
But who needs photo's to know how to glue on 
a piece of paper to a container. Right? Right!

And I actually was just going to paint the container but that wasn't 
working out well so I went with the paper.

I did add a coat of modge podge to the paper 
because I share the bathroom with my husband and 
we all know how males like to splash water everywhere
when they are shaving at the sink.
I didn't want my pretty paper to get ruined.

DIY Make-up & Brush Holder #2

Then I sorted through my brushes and pencils
and condensed what I needed into my new container.

DIY Make-up & Brush Holder from a yogurt cup

Now my counter looks more organized
and I've added a little splash of color to the room.

I think it only took me 10 minutes to make this
and I kept something from being thrown in the trash!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Angie, what a great and useful way to recycle! Love it! I had to laugh at why you used the Mod Podge - although, I have to admit, I probably splash more water in the bathroom than my husband! :) Thanks so sharing and hope you had a happy Monday!

  2. Hi Angie
    What a cute idea. Very cool.

  3. This is truly unique. Who would have thought I that could reuse my yogurt cups for something like this. I Love it!

  4. Too cute! Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing


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