Monday, December 9, 2013

Easy Toffee

Hey friends!
I have a few bags of caramels left and I've been
wondering what would happen if I cooked some of them.
I've never cooked caramels before, other than just melting them for
apples so I was thrilled when I ended up with toffee.

easy toffee #sweets #treats #caramels

This is easy toffee. Cheater Toffee!
Actually, I was home alone and bored.
It can be a dangerous thing when I'm bored.

So here's my magical recipe for easy toffee....
Caramels and a few tablespoons of water!

I chopped the caramels so they would "melt" faster.

easy toffee #sweets #treats #caramels

I dumped them in a pot and added about 2 tablespoons 
of water and let it boil. Once the caramels were completely melted, 
I boiled it for exactly 5 minutes and poured it onto a greased dish.
I didn't have any parchment paper so I used cooking spray.

easy toffee #sweets #treats #caramels

While that was cooling, I chopped and melted some chocolate in the microwave.

easy toffee #sweets #treats #caramels

easy toffee #sweets #treats #caramels

I started with 15 seconds and then did 5 
more seconds until it was completely melted.
And I poured it on top of the toffee.

easy toffee #sweets #treats #caramels

After letting it cool, I broke it into pieces and ate it.
So so yummy! I love love love toffee.

easy toffee #sweets #treats #caramels

Who knew you could get toffee from boiling caramels?
Obviously not me.

Okay, true story. 
I just about electrocuted myself trying to take
pictures for this post. Not funny!
I was using an old lamp for lighting and
I went to pick it up and the thing shocked me horribly.
It went through my whole arm and up my neck.
And after a few seconds, unbearable pain set in and 
lasted for a few hours. I was so freaked out that I had to call
my husband, who was on the road traveling back home from working out of town. 
There weren't any exposed wires or anything so I do not know what happened. 

But the toffee was still d'lish!

easy toffee #sweets #treats #caramels

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  1. This looks delicious!


  2. That toffee does look delicious.

    I remember the very first time (many years ago now) I turned off the metal pool pump barefoot (and wet). I had exactly that feeling you described, and I saw a bright flash of green. lol So thankful it was short but oy! Electric really can be dangerous...and you weren't even being dumb (like I was).


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