Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Paper Ornament

I can totally get lost in Pinterest.
I get on there to look for 1 thing and before I know it,
it's 2-3 hours later and I have hundreds of tabs open.
Well, hundreds of tabs may be an exaggeration but you get the idea.

paper christmas ornament #papercrafts #crafts #decorations

I was on Pinterest looking for paper crafts and found a beautiful
paper lantern and thought I would try to make one myself.
The pin I found originated from The Creative Place.
Stop by there for more detailed instructions and
look around a bit, she has some pretty awesome stuff.

So I started with strips of paper and I used 
16 gauge wire to hold the strips together and
added a glass bead on each end for extra prettiness.

paper christmas ornament #papercrafts #crafts #decorations

paper christmas ornament #papercrafts #crafts #decorations

Then I twisted the strips around until I had the
shape of a ball. You will want to use scrapbook paper
for this many strips because it's thicker and won't tear as easy but you can
use regular paper to make one that doesn't have so many strips.

Here is my finished ornament...

paper christmas ornament #papercrafts #crafts #decorations

paper christmas ornament #papercrafts #crafts #decorations

Okay, let me be completely honest for a minute.
Most of my craft projects lately are complete messes.
I seriously spent 3 hours the other day doing trying to make
crafts and it all was a failure. It was so hideous that I threw
it in the trash before anyone could see it. It all looked great in my mind,
I promise it did. But the finished project was painful to look at.
Nobody wants a snowman that looks like a cat!
It's okay, laugh with me!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I shared the Paper Trees I made..
Well, I made another magazine tree and I added sparkles.
After it was folded, I painted it with glue and poured the 
sparkles on it. Pretty pretty. 

paper christmas ornament #papercrafts #crafts #decorations

paper christmas ornament #papercrafts #crafts #decorations

Happy Holiday Crafting,
or in my case, Happy Holiday Messes!!
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  1. Angie, you paper ornaments and trees are so pretty! Truly, you made me laugh with the snowman that looked like a cat! It is so true that sometimes what we see in our head doesn't always make it to our finished projects, though I think we are often harder on ourselves than other people would be! Thanks for sharing and hope you are having a happy week!

  2. Cute ornament. I mess up on lot of craft projects too. Happy Holidays to you! :)

  3. 98% of what I craft is a mess, thankfully I have a 6-yr old so everyone just smiles and thinks it's because it was a kid thing. hehehe

    Your paper ornament is great!


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